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Excessive Moderation

by Oui Ennui



UPDATE: As promised, here is the first update for my living album Excessive Moderation. This update will bring you to the current gold master release version of EM1.1



(new) Created and uploaded a new piece to introduce the album. Entitled “Soft Opening (A Joyful Noise Pollution)”, it plays with the concepts/definitions of noise and static. Noise both for its aural definition and how the word is used with respect to photography. For Static its use as a descriptor for Noise and for its definition meaning unmoving. An attempt was made to disqualify either a priori (but not really).

(improved) Fixed several mixing issues with the (current and maybe always who knows) final track “Now Is Forever (Not Much Longer)”
Replayed string part to make composition more concise. This shaved ~1:16 off the track length and cut to the chase more effectively. Remixed rhythmic elements for clearer separation using tone sculpting, side-chain compression, and panning. Fixed an issue where bass line was unclear by replaying midi track as audio as well as utilizing a HAAS processor on an alternate timbre. Adjusted amplitude automation for all tracks. Re-mastered stereo bounce with an emphasis on transparency.

Toying with the idea of making all new songs “album purchase only”, meaning that they cannot be bought/downloaded separately/without purchasing the album. Any improved tracks that were available for individual purchase on the initial release will remain so. I look at it as a “reward” of sorts to early adopters. Does this come off as an asshole move? I’m making this “living album” thing up as I go along. For the record, exactly 0.0 people purchased any of the aforementioned tracks separately, and like most things I fixate upon, likely the same amount care, but if you’re still reading this, I like your haircut. 😘

More soon!



“With a petalled heart I reached for a carpel of her interstitial love…” - Oui

“Let’s not argue about the duvet on our deathbed…” - Ennui

“And then you held me the same way you hold your liquor/then went and saw the vicar/seeking absolution before your ticker’s/candle flame flickers…” - Oui Ennui

“If on a fine day the unsuspecting visitor strolls to the parapet to look at the view, cardiac arrest may be the reward.” - R.P.

What can we get for 63¢? In the present, I’m always tense. I once had a dream about being awake. I went back in time just to make a mistake. When I learned how to predict the past, my strange affection was as cicada rain.


Ventilation Shutdown Plus. A Love Letter to Love. Communion Via Solitude. A Plasma Attack OR a time-lapse of cats following a sunbeam. The paramecium airglow just *felt right*, ya know? Imagine if you could only crack your knuckles once a month. Would you return to forever?

Life is like…lifelike. The integrity of reality is suspect, but I deflect. Presented without context, I haven’t an explanation. Keeping my head above water, making a way when I can. This may be it. That it might not be is implied. Per se. Purr say.

What is the point of creating, if not to share? I suppose a point isn’t requisite, nevertheless I find myself pontificating. There seems to be a premium on external validation, but to seek such internally is little more than a solipsist’s support group, no? If an album doesn’t sell, does that make the effort a failure? While there are benefits to screaming into the void, I’d submit that the echo returned from projection in the canyon hits different. At any rate, the software of life is a beta. Existence is an experiment without a control.

I think about you all the time. It loved to happen. But are we impossibility proof? There’s distortion in the static, but only to make it warmer. Nothing that comes stays; nothing that goes is lost. We’ll always have the Paris of this. A star is a door. Eternal gratitude for being you.

I made this for me, but I was thinking about you. There *might* be a next time. If and when, until then.

Be kind to yourself, be gentle to others. 😘

- oui


released December 1, 2023


all rights reserved



Oui Ennui Chicago, Illinois

Jean's Son.

Non-diasporic AfroFuturism.
Black Classical Music.

This That Is Not.

Music you can smell.
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